Thursday, 2 April 2015

Its going toward the end


               On this post I wan to share more about my life as Pasumians for the last few months. Now I'm in the 5th month of second semester. It really going toward the end. The end of our journey which is full with hardship here. All my friend was like " sad.. pasum dah nak habis.. nanti dah tak boleh jumpa kawan kawAn dah..." . And I was like " great pasum dah nak habis. Aku nak balik secepat mungkin.. "  hahahahahahahaha...😆😆😆

Its not that I hate this place so much.. I love this place and I'm going to miss this place. Here I got so much experience in which I wouldn't get it elsewhere.

Studying here may be very tough for me since

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