Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Last Conversation

My brother getting married tomorrow…! Wow! Exciting…

Last night we had some serious conversation. I’m getting some advice from him. On his last night as my brother. Its kinda sad. Since its been very while since we got closed to each other.
So, I’m sharing some of his advices.

Study. He didn’t told me to study hard. Never.  But he command me to enjoy my study. He said ‘study the field that you like. That you have interest in it. Don’t force yourself to study others. Most important is you enjoy whatever you did’. So I make up my mind that I’m going to really take care of my stress during the second semester. And I absolutely going to struggle.

Health. He always, always, always told me to sleep. My pale face always make him worried. He once scolded me.  Haha. He told me to sleep. He worried that I might faint or collapse.

Love . He know that I’m very… urmm… I don’t know. But he said ‘ jangan mudah di ambil kesempatan. Lelaki banyak akalnya.’ Hes really worried bout this. Thinking bout me when falling in love is such a nightmare for him. 

Then… our conversation end.. with some tears… maybe… tears of happiness… all those story he share with me within all these short period I wish to keep it for the rest of my live. <3

###p/s: its not Niena's story since i dont have a brother. my friend wrote this and i think its nice to share.

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