Monday, 14 July 2014

Study Tips From Al - Quran

I’m doing multi tasking now. So, don’t ask why I’m writing in English. I will try to cover up these whole post with English but I’m not sure if its’ possible or not.. I’ll try my best.. Fighting!
Tonight, I’m going to share some study tips that very useful for muslims but always forgotten by us.. these study tips come from our main reference in life that is Al – Quran. I also just recently know and realize about this, so I want to share with others..

1)    16:43 (Surah An – Nahl m.s. 272)

From this, it tells us to ask other people if we’re not understand anything. In simpler words, do not keep your inquiries on your own. But try to seek for help from your friends, tutor, teachers or lecturer. They will definitely help you. And most important is you can’t be shy to ask others because you didn’t know something. It’s normal to not know in learning process. But before asking others you have to try figure it out by yourself first. But if you still do not understand, SEEK FOR HELP by ASKING PEOLE that know about it.

2)   17:41 ( Surah Al – Isra’ m.s. 286 )

In this verse, it remind us that if we want to remember something, we have to it repeatly. For instance, if we want to remember a physics formula for example, F=ma, we surely have to repeat saying that formula and practice on how to use that formula until we’re master with that formula. The same things apply when we want to remember other things. Do it again and again so that we will no forget.

3)   35:32 ( Surah Faatir m.s. 438 )

This verse says that we must do good deeds before others. But if we apply it in our study life, it something like we must do preparation first before our teacher teach us about certain topics. We should do some preparation which means we are advise to read through that topic, do some research about that topic and try to understand it first. So we’re more ready and in advance compare to our friends.

4)  12:87 ( Surah Yusuf m.s. 246 )

My senior said that this verse is the most important and precious among others. This remind us not to give up easily. Do not lose hope. Allah s.w.t will definitely give us something better if He didn’t give what we want. So, believe that everything happen with a reason. And there is a light for us behind those reasons.

So, the end… I’m just sharing what I got. So, if you guys have some free time, open your Quran and check out for those verse. If there is something wrong with this post, inform me ok..
Try to apply these tips in our study cause I’m also still trying.. hehe…

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